scope of swsusp2, thinkpad module and bootsplash with fedora

Dan Williams dcbw at
Thu Feb 3 19:42:17 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 23:38 +0400, Kevin Verma wrote:
> I will like to know if some one is working on merging swsusp2, thinkpad module 
> and bootsplash kernel patches with Fedora kernel, it would be great to know 
> if there are patches available for current kernel of FC3. 

The Fedora kernel more or less tracks the upstream kernel directly, and
the general line is "its 99% likely to not be in Fedora's kernel unless
it's in the official Linux kernel."  So the best way to get stuff like
this in the upstream kernel is to submit those patches to the
appropriate lists (lkml, netdev, etc).  If you're not the maintainer,
then I'd email them and urge them to start submitting patches upstream.


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