Slab: in /proc/meminfo not corrent in recent kernels?

Wes Shull wes.shull at
Fri Feb 4 06:07:53 UTC 2005

Since sometime after build 1176 (IIRC), I've noticed that the KDE
System Monitor tray applet (/usr/lib/kde3/ktimemon_panelapplet.*) has
been reporting unbelievable amounts of memory used by the kernel.

I finally got around to taking a gander at the source to figure it
out...  in KSample::readSample() in
kdeaddons-3.3.2/kicker-applets/ktimemon/, it adds the Slab: 
line (if it exists) to the Buffers: line to estimate kernel memory
usage.  Seems reasonable to me.  So I compared those values as
reported by two different kernels.

Under 741 (current FC3 update), meminfo says:
Buffers:         21676 kB
Slab:            24252 kB

Which I can believe.  But under not too different usage, 1124 (latest
rawhide) reports:
Buffers:          8052 kB
Slab:           116104 kB

Which seems crazy (this is a 256 MB machine).

So, has the meaning of the Slab: line changed, such that I need to
bugzilla this for kdeaddons, or do I need to report this against the


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