Slab: in /proc/meminfo not corrent in recent kernels?

Wes Shull wes.shull at
Fri Feb 4 07:04:43 UTC 2005

Jeff wrote:
> Make sure you have the most recent procps from Jan 24 2005.

procps-3.2.5-1, which dates from Feb 1.  Newer.  (Bad?)

Dave Jones wrote:
> It depends. You just might have completely different things in
> slab cache.  if you cat /proc/slabinfo (or run slabtop) you should
> see which slab has had the most growth between the two kernels.

Well, it's like that as soon as my KDE session finishes loading when I
log in, right after a reboot even.  I'll do some slabinfo
capture/comparison immediately on a fresh reboot, and just to single
as well to see what kind of difference that makes.


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