seth vidal skvidal at
Sat Feb 5 08:17:43 UTC 2005

 I just wrote a script using the yum modules to check to see if a set of
repositories have dependency closure for all packages in the

it's very simple and obvious but it has some nice results:
I ran:

cutter:~$ python ./ development
Not running a root, might not be able to import all of cache
Reading in repository metadata - please wait....
Checking Dependencies
Repos looked at: 1
Num Packages in Repos: 2663
package: - 1.1.3-2.7.i386 from development
  unresolved deps:
package: gnome-python2-nautilus - 2.6.0-5.i386 from development
  unresolved deps:
package: struts11-webapps-tomcat5 - 1.1-1jpp_2fc.noarch from development
  unresolved deps:
package: nautilus-media - 0.8.1-4.i386 from development
  unresolved deps:
package: evolution-connector - 2.0.3-1.i386 from development
  unresolved deps:

so that's kinda cool b/c now we know what packages simply aren't going
to resolve out in development right now if you tried to install or
update to them.

I think it works okay, it seems to at least :)

You run it like: repoid repoid repoid

or if you want it to check your default repositories that you have
enabled in your yum configuration then just run:

You need to have yum 2.1.13 installed to really test it.

The only other thing you might want to do is either:
 1. run as root
 2. run yum makecache as root with the repositories you want to use


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