Fedora Core 3 (4?) Live CD

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Sat Feb 5 09:40:20 UTC 2005


Dimitrie O. Paun schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> I was looking the other day for a Fedora Live CD, but couldn't
> find anything out there. For whatever reason, I thought FC3
> had a Live CD... Am I missing something? If not, any plans to 
> have one for FC4?

This might be for you:

a fedora core 3 with gnome/kde and kernel 2.6.8

It uses an zisofs compressed filesystem image instead of cloop, so no 
modifications to the fedora kernel are required.

I`m currently working on a modified version of anaconda so every
fedora/redhat user can create custom livecd`s using a gui/wizard to 
control the installation and build.

The installer and livecd creation process is compatible with the lvm - 
snapshot method from fedora-stateless.
All(or at least most) modifications to the system that will go into the 
livecd are done by a set of rpm packages.

Screenshots & snapshots (unsigned fc3 rpm) can be found here:

('livecdanaconda' is just the working term, so the package can be 
installed independently from the original anaconda packages and to 
separate class/function namespaces.)

The current development target for this installer is a first full 
working version for fedora core 4.

Perhaps there are also other interested parties ?

Best regards,
Dirk Westfal

fedora core 3 livecd: http://www.linux4all.de

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