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Sat Feb 5 17:48:00 UTC 2005

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I had posted this idea on the Fedora list and the feed back showed some 
interest.  It seems to take a long time to install Fedora and I believe a 
better way of doing it would be to have a bare bone install CD.  It was 
suggested that I post the same idea here for you fine folks.

Presently you down load minimum of 3 CD's or the DVD and install.  After the 
install you run yum which again downloads all the latest software that you 
have installed.

The idea would be to have a bare bone install CD.  What this CD should contain 
is just enough software to get the system to the point where it could connect 
to a Repository. system and then download the latest up to date versions of 
the software you want to install.  I was thinking somewhere along the lines 
of how the new Debian install works.  You could keep the same install look 
that is now present in Fedora just when it comes time to install the system 
software it downloads what is needed from the Internet.

With this type of install I can a great improvement.  You will only be 
downloading the software you want which will not require you to download 
large amounts of software you don't need.  Also you will always have the most 
up to date software installed on your system.

I am not suggesting to stop making the ISO images just give the installer a 
choice of downloading the complete CD set or one small CD which will connect 
them to a Repository. site to download the latest version of everything they 
want to install.

Just a thought.  Thnx for your time.

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