rawhide report: 20050205 changes

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at redhat.com
Sun Feb 6 06:00:53 UTC 2005

On Feb  5, 2005, Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> wrote:

> As soon as openoffice is rebuilt with the new evolution libraries and
> gnome-media is officially Obsoleted:, you'll be able to update
> everything.

Actually, evolution-connector needs a rebuild as well.

And, as of 20050205's rawhide, so do gnumeric and abiword, as well as
gda, libgda and libgnomedb.  It appears that something's broken with
the libgda build, because the new build appears to require the SONAME
from the previous build.  It appears that some of the binaries in it
got linked with the pre-installed libs, instead of with the just-built
ones.  A simple rebuild would fix that, in that it would get the new
libgda into the buildroot and link with that, but it would be better
to get the real issue addressed.

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