Sharing sound hardware

Sitsofe Wheeler sitsofe at
Sun Feb 6 14:06:45 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 18:44 +0100, Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
> On 5 Feb 2005, at 12:25, Dariusz J. Garbowski wrote:
> AFAIK, dmix will use software mixing *only* if your sound card doesn't  
> support hardware mixing.

Where did you get this from? Can you point to a page that explicitly
says this? I would be *very* interested to know if this happens.

The only information I could find was and there no mention of hardware mixing with software mixing fallbacks. I also had a cursory glance at and I don't see anything to check whether there are "free" hardware channels to mix with (but to be fair that might not be the piece of code that decides).

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