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Jeff Johnson n3npq at nc.rr.com
Mon Feb 7 17:04:33 UTC 2005

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

>Build System <buildsys at redhat.com> wrote:
>This made my rpm go bellyside up for the root user (normal users had no problems
>making queries against the database) until I manually removed all __db* files in
>/var/lib/rpm. Maybe a side effect of me using smart, I don't know.
Likely to be a side effect of smart.

Upgrading through a Berkeley DB version stamp in __db* files presumes
cooperative applications, all of which are pretty deficient.

The rpm-4.4.1 package already does "best effort" to correct the problem.

However, any application that has loaded old bindings and runs another
transaction after upgrading rpm with a Berkeley DB version change,
will instanlt recreate a __db* file with the old version stamp.

That cannot be fixed in rpmlib without some insane pokery-jiggery,
it's easier to fix applications that use rpmlib imho.

I'll poke Gustavo ...

73 de Jeff

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