beecrypt-java (Was: rawhide report: 20050207 changes)

Dag Wieers dag at
Mon Feb 7 23:39:13 UTC 2005

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> Le lundi 07 février 2005 à 23:01 +0100, Dag Wieers a écrit :
> > Well, I'm happy that perl packages have a seperate namespace and I would 
> > love python, mono and java packages pursue this further than they do (even 
> > without a CPAN alike infrastructure).
> > 
> > Does Jpackage have 1000 java-class packages ? Because I'm not arguing to 
> > have everything java-based to fit this scheme, only packages that extend 
> > the java 'platform'. Just like perl-modules, python-classes or for that 
> > matter xmms-plugins...
> Unfortunately with java very often lib = leaf app. The jar is the lib
> and with a small shell script that is often not worth spinning out in a
> separate package you get you get the app.

In that case the JAR is not really shared much (if at all) between other 
apps ? So in that case we would not prepend the namespace, but I 
understand it's harder with Java than perl, mono or python. It would be 
silly to have a seperate package holding just the shell-script (unless we 
want to compete with Debian in number of packages).

Still in the case of beecrypt, I would prefer java-beecrypt over 
beecrypt-java. Even if it is not a 100% cut case and the majority of the 
packages follow the exception rather than the rule. (ie. the exception is 
part of the policy too)

Thanks for the torough explanation, I picked up a few things new to me.

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