Fedora Core 3 (4?) Live CD

Colin Charles byte at aeon.com.my
Wed Feb 9 07:04:50 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 18:53 -0700, Stephen J. Smoogen wrote:
> > On the agenda for discussion at FUDCon is definitely to talk about a
> > Fedora LiveCD, created via the Stateless Linux system
> > 
> > There is however one that Dirk Westfal has created, thats pretty
> good as
> > well, so give that a twirl
> Pointers of where I could find that? We have some questions for
> setting up a lot of diskless workstations that would use the Stateless
> Disk system.


The latter link has some plans on getting the LiveCD scripts working
alongside StatelessLinux as well...
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