A tale of two bugzillas

Steven Garrity stevelist at silverorange.com
Wed Feb 9 18:10:43 UTC 2005

Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 08:47 -0500, Toshio wrote:
>>Are there any substantive differences between bugzilla.redhat.com and
>>bugzilla.redhat.com/beta?  In particular, it looks like they are views
>>of the same data so it should be okay to enter information into either
> It's the same database.  /beta is the current devel one (and a lot nicer
> in a lot of ways) and should be becoming the main interface "real soon
> now"

Who has been doing the visual/UI customization in the new beta Bugzilla? 
It looks great. I'd love to see if we could get this kind of 
customization and integration into the Mozilla.org style for 

Steven Garrity

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