refactoring rc.sysinit

Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Feb 11 03:21:05 UTC 2005

Leszek Matok (Lam at said: 
> Dnia 10-02-2005, czw o godzinie 17:20 -0500, Bill Nottingham napisał(a):
> > Thinking about it some more, I don't see *that* much need for modularizing
> > rc.sysinit;
> > As stated before, I don't see the need for the 'boot' prefix.
> Think about uptimed. It needs to create unique boot id upon every boot.
> Then it can be started and stopped many times using service uptimed
> stop/start, changing runlevels (upon bootup, too), playing with kill
> etc.

When I speak about modularization above, I mean I don't see reason
for splitting much of the *current* rc.sysinit to separate scripts;
what I'd suspect is that we'd have the current rc.sysinit do
the normal stuff (drivers, fsck, remount r/w) and then run all
the scripts in rcS.d.


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