openoffice 2.0 & FC4 - status, plans

Marius Andreiana malists at
Sat Feb 12 09:19:14 UTC 2005

>From previous discussions, there are 2 realistic alternatives:
- include ooo 1.9.x in rawhide/fc4 tests ASAP. If there's no ooo 2.0
final until FC4 release, issue an update.

- leave FC4 with ooo 1.x. Don't issue an update to ooo 2.0, changes are
too big for an update.

Which one will it be?

2nd option would leave fedora users with ooo 1.x until around november
2005, which is quite late. Arguments for 1st option:
- schedules match, both fc4 and ooo 2.0 should have final releases in
- current ooo 1.9.x is very usable. I use it and do QA since 1.9.47 
- ooo 2.0 new features since 1.x are many and important
- fedora users get a better, stable office suite, red hat desktop users
will get a better, tested and rock-solid office suite.

By including ooo 1.9.x in FC4 test1, more people will test it. There are
already rpms available on Please report ooo bugs at
and packaging bugs at

Your opinion?

Marius Andreiana
Epon Business Applications

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