[Samba] Samba RPMs for RedHat/FC and idmap_rid

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 4 18:43:55 UTC 2005

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S Murthy Kambhampaty wrote:

| As discussed previously on this list, Samba RPMs for
| Fedora Core do not include idmap_rid support.  This is
| also true for older RedHat distributions.  SuSE on the
| other hand, seems to have been patching in idmap_rid
| support since 3.0.5 or so; and with trusted domain
| support, to boot.  Harrumph.
| I've been able to rebuild samba srpms on FC2 and
| RedHat 8 by patching the samba distributed rpms, and
| get idmap_rid support which is a lot easier than using
| the xad plugins (no offense to PADL and Luke H., but
| our setup is simple so idmap_rid is all we need).  The
| diffs are attached; it would be nice if they could be
| mainlined.
| Thanks, Murthy
| PS: It is way cool that mappings produced by RH8, FC2
| and SuSE 9.2 are same, with so little effort, thanks
| for this feature, Samba team.

Murth,  If you will send me your spec file patches I'll
get them in for the next Samba release.  The attachments
were strippedby mailman (for samba.org at least).

cheers, jerry
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