grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

Féliciano Matias feliciano.matias at
Mon Feb 14 23:02:40 UTC 2005

Le lundi 14 février 2005 à 14:25 -0800, Denis Leroy a écrit :
> So why couldn't the Fedora project ask Fraunhofer (a german company, 
> btw, so all this talk about 'Mandrake is a french company and not 
> affected by patent law' seems rather weak) for permission ?

        Warning: Free Software may not necessarily be patent free, and
        some Free
        Software included may be covered by patents in your country. For example, the
        MP3 decoders included may require a licence for further usage (see for more details). If you are unsure if a patent
        may be applicable to you, check your local laws.
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