Arnaud Abélard arnaud.abelard at
Thu Feb 17 07:54:52 UTC 2005

Patricio Bruna V wrote:
> i just install NetworkManager and NetworkManager-gnome
> but i can't find the applet that supose to allow me change networks.

Be sure the NetworkManager service is running (service NetworkManager 
status) then run NetworkManagerInfo, you should see a little icon 
appearing in Gnome's notification area.

I've been playing with the applet for a little while now and it's work 
fairly well.. but i have a _BIG_ problem with NetworkManager: My laptop 
uses DHCP and NetworkManager will keep wiping my /etc/resolv.conf again 
and again.. very very annoying.

If anyone knows how to tell NetworkManager to leave my resolv.conf or at 
least to fill it with the servers sent by the DHCP server....


Arnaud Abélard
Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux
Faculté de Sciences et Techniques
Université de Nantes

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