RFE: Put fedora on a diet

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at yahoo.co.in
Sat Feb 19 09:42:02 UTC 2005

--- mbneto <mbneto at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> There was a thread a few days ago about the minimum
> size of fedora and
> the number of dependencies that the packages do have
> today.
> Since seems to be too late for FC4, perhaps as a
> suggestion for FC5,
> please consider breaking the packages into smaller
> pieces so when we
> need package X it does not forces us to download a
> dozen of extra
> packages just to conform to it's dependencies.

you need to file specific bug reports/ RFE's about all
those packages where you believe that dependencies can
be split up in a more granular way. If you are unsure
of the list then discuss about them here by proposing
a list of packages which can be modular

Rahul Sundaram

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