RFE: Put fedora on a diet

mbneto mbneto at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 13:15:26 UTC 2005


The point is that I do like Fedora (I've been using redhat distros
since redhat 5) and feel that  the other distros do have a
'firewall'/minimum with requirements less than 100 Mb.

What I'd like to have is the hability without having to hack it to go
from a firewall to a server to desktop from the same provider, relying
on the same updates.

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:37:49 -0600, Jerone Young <jerone at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since Fedora Core is a general purpose Linux distributions it's size
> will actually increase over time. Why you ask? Because with more users
> come more use cases. The beautiful part of Fedora is that a user can
> install a base system and have just about everything they need. Not
> everybody likes playing around finding packages and what not
> (especially new users), they want it to be there and ready to use. If
> you have a problem with the base install then you can customize your
> install to be smaller. The other thing is hard disk space is dirt
> cheap! Can you even buy anything under 80Gigs? The fact is that Fedora
> has a wide verity of use cases and hard disk space is really not an
> issue. You can customize your install to be smaller, and if you do
> need something smaller there are many other Linux distributions that
> can accomidate your needs.

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