Fedora needs to go on a diet

The DJ djotaku1282 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 01:43:45 UTC 2005

I actually really like Fedora as is.  I hate having to
find stuff on Fed-extras and other sites/repos,
especially when I have to figure out what the cryptic
name these packages are given, actually does.  They're
ok for true extras, but for the already built-in
functions, they should remain.

Also, as was said before, as time passes hds are
bigger and bigger and it really doesn't matter
anymore.  I saw a 300 GB hd the other day for only
$250.  The cheapest computer at Best Buy had a 40 GB
hd.  Plus, as long as we continue to give people the
ability to pick/choose applications (as is now), they
can choose more or less.

Finally, I am currently running FC3 on 2 legacy
computers and FC1 on one of them.  They are 400-600Mhz
machines with 10 GB max.  None of them has over 128 Mb
of ram.  Doesn't matter, they all run perfectly fine! 
I mean, they run at ~Win 98 speeds - Openoffice can
take on the order of two minutes to load, but once
it's running it runs great.  Frankly, with how well FC
runs on these legacy machines, I can't wait to install
it on a nice new computer.  (Just need some $$$ first)

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