/usr/bin/rmic -- why?

Joel rees at ddcom.co.jp
Mon Feb 21 11:16:47 UTC 2005

> > Why are jar and rmic in there at all? Are they being
> > used by the system,
> > and if I remove them will something break? How do I
> > find out what else
> > to remove?
> if you want to continue the dicussion, you could have
> done that in the fedora users list itself. this is off
> topic here. 

I want to know why rmic is in the default install 
**** before I install java. **** 

Is that a question for users? If so, I don't mind asking again on the
user list. But I wonder why all the answers I got so far explained why
it would be there 
*** if I had installed java ***, 
which I haven't.

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