FC4 slimfast slimfest

Joshua Eichorn josh at bluga.net
Mon Feb 21 21:30:14 UTC 2005

Féliciano Matias wrote:

>Le lundi 21 février 2005 à 13:54 -0700, Joshua Eichorn a écrit :
>>How about dropping some of the random documentation rpms we keep around, 
>>they don't follow a pattern anyway (ie we have exim-doc but no 
>>postfix-doc, we have python-doc but no php-doc or perl-doc)
>I am not agree. If we provide exim, we provide *all* exim.
So we should drop packages used by high % of fedora users for the doc 
for tetex or exim which are used by a very small % users, and which are 
also available online?

And we should be held hostage in the future by any project that decides 
that bundling there docs (no matter how big) with the program is a good 

I would also like to point out, the exim docs are a good example of 
general space waste on docs packages, it contains html, pdf, ps, and 
texinfo docs so the same content 4 times (so im guessing just with some 
new configure flags could take 1/4 the space).

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