Proposal for CD count in FC4

Demond James dnjinc at
Tue Feb 22 18:00:07 UTC 2005

Jesse Keating wrote:

>Here is my proposal:
>Given that x86_64 platform will remain at 5CDs unless we do something
>drastic, and that FC5 is targeted to have the ability to install from
>other repos during anaconda install, we allow FC4 to ship with a 5CD
>count for both (all) archs.  Then we target FC5 to move some packages to
>Extras, and some packages to an online RH controlled repo much like the
>RHEL extras.  Its still RH maintained, but not shipped on the CD iso
>sets.  This would allow us to drop down to 2CDs or so in size for the
>shippable media, but still allow installing to the full package set.

Given the constraint of not being able to remove packages that were in
FC3 and I think this is the best approach for now.  It's going to either
be the main packages like OO.o, Gnome, KDE, etc. or many smaller one
since we need to shave 300mb.
At the very least at least package the 5th CD so that it's optional in
most scenarios.

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