Self-Introduction: Ken Sedgwick

Michael Schwendt fedora at
Wed Feb 23 00:12:09 UTC 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:09:08 -0800, Ken Sedgwick wrote:

> I've submitted the ACE+TAO source rpm in the QA queue per the directions 
> and requirements in the Wiki.
> I'd appreciate feedback/guidance; I'm a little unsure what is supposed 
> to happens next ...
> Would it help for me to QA check other submitted packages?  Am I 
> qualified to do this?  How do I tell which packages are most important 
> to do next?
> Many thanks in advance ...
> Ken

Guidance... Okay, let's see. Here are some random brain dumps:

  The old project is dying a slow death. For some reason
  you've managed to ignore the warnings on the front page of the
  website and the wiki, that it's only kept alive for extras for FC2
  and older. ;)

  The Fedora Project has moved on to "Fedora Extras" and is creating new
  package submission and QA guidelines from scratch. Well, experience from
  the old procedures is taken into consideration. But so far,
  there is no well-defined package submission process for Fedora Extras.
  Instead, an "Interim New Package Process" is in use and has been used
  several times already:

  With Fedora Extras comes different infrastructure, too:

   - instead of

     instead of

   - instead of

  Sure, some of the old package submissions in are
  still processed, and others keep being work-in-progress. But is just not the intended place where to submit a
  package for Fedora Extras anymore. Unless your submission is approved in
  accordance with the old policies, don't expect quick feedback
  there. The interim new package process linked above currently is the way
  how to advertise your packages and seek for a package sponsor. No other
  package submission policies and infrastructure are in place yet. And
  yes, posting to fedora-extras-list bears the risk that, if nobody has
  immediate interest in sponsoring your package, the request is not

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