FC4 slimfast slimfest

Leszek Matok Lam at Lam.pl
Wed Feb 23 14:27:18 UTC 2005

Dnia 23-02-2005, śro o godzinie 14:59 +0100, dragoran napisał(a):
> Whe should try it again. 700MB CDs aren't something rare now ...
IIRC, it was tried in RHL 7.3.93, it was 2,5 years ago, and even then I
thought the same as you. 2,5 years ago 700 MiB CD-R-s were cheaper than
650 MiB and now it's even hard to get 650 MiB blank disc (with an
exception on some "audio" 74 min CD-R-s worth 10 times the price of
standard 80 min CD-R). My 8-year-old CD burner can burn 90 min CD-R-s
with no problem at all. But if all of it wasn't enough 2 years ago, it's
not enough today, either.

I guess the problems were connected to older hardware, but remmeber
today Fedora doesn't include support for machines older than i586 and
doesn't even include support for some low-end 586s. Remember Anaconda
won't run on system with less than 64 MiB memory (the RULE project
looked nice, but it's not very active nowadays) and for graphical
install (Fedora is the desktop distro, remember) it requires 192 MiB of
system RAM according to FC3 release notes. Do we really still need to
think about machines that cannot use 700 MiB discs? :)


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