Exim as default MTA.

Stan Bubrouski stan at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Feb 23 15:28:24 UTC 2005

Chris Adams wrote:
> I would definately give the edge to Postfix then.
> I use sendmail everywhere myself, but for my main servers I have to roll
> my own RPMs anyway to get additional things turned on (also I use the
> same source RPM on Linux, Tru64, and Solaris).  Having sendmail removed
> wouldn't bother me.

I dunno if the suggestion is actually to remove it (move it to Extras) 
rather than just make Postfix the default MTA.

> The biggest question is still the upgrade issue; if sendmail is removed
> from Core, what will happen on upgrades?  Users will be left with the
> old version of sendmail running.

See above for one thought.  OTOH if it were removed Postfix would just 
obselete sendmail and well... you'd have to reconfigure :)

> What would be "nice" would be a hack in anaconda to check for a default
> config sendmail install (i.e. nothing has been changed since install)
> and replace it with the new default MTA (postfix or exim).  If anything
> has changed, just leave it alone.  There currently isn't really a way to
> handle changing the default provider of a service from one package to
> another.

Well one way to look at it is, rpm lets you remove a package but leave 
the config files behind anyways, automatically converting between 2 very 
different MTA's isn't feasible at this juncture (unless tools exist?) 
since they have different features and vastly different config parameters.

Good thoughts though Chris, you made some good points I forgot about :)


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