Why is sendmail bad?

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Thu Feb 24 20:06:48 UTC 2005

Am Do, den 24.02.2005 schrieb Josh Boyer um 20:53:

> Most of the discusion has been about what should be the default.  For "newbies"
> sendmail can be a pain to configure.  It's documentation leaves something to be
> desired, and the default sendmail.cf file isn't all that helpful.

Nobody is advised to edit sendmail.cf and submit.cf directly. Everybody
should always use the .mc files and use m4 to generate the .cf files
from that.
Even a "newbie" can do simple setups this way. The makefile under
/etc/mail makes it simple to rebuild the .cf file or even a service
restart rebuilds the .cf if .mc files were changed.
More complex setup always require a deeper understanding of the whole
mail server (MTA side as well IMAP/POP3 side) topic. The basic Sendmail
setup shipped with Fedora Core runs out-of-the-box locally. The change
to open it for outside connections is a 1 line change. Well
understandable documented.
A good understanding with running an MTA is needed because a
misconfigured MTA not only can influence communication faults with other
MTAs but even lead to lost mail.

> I haven't looked at postfix yet (will tonight maybe), but for exim all one has
> to do is uncomment one line in the default config file once spamassassin and a
> virus checker are installed.  Very easy.

So with Sendmail by calling these kind of applications as a milter entry
in the sendmail.mc.

> josh


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