reducing distribution CD count

Michael Favia michael.favia at
Thu Feb 24 20:25:24 UTC 2005

Bill Nottingham wrote:

>Gene C. (czar at said: 
>>2. Lets say something major which a lot of users will want is move out of the 
>>"core core" and into a secondary "repository" which will still be fully 
>>maintained by Red Hat employees.  No flaming intended, but lets say this is 
>>kde and all kde associated applications.  Now that would be a big chunk but 
>>it would also be something a lot of users would want.  What is the current 
>>thinking about how this "secondary repository" will be available to the user?  
>>Furthermore, this must be done in such a manner that it is obvious that Red 
>>Hat is NOT slighting the packages involved.
>I don't see the reason why something like this would need to exist.
>It's almost sounds like a slight against Extras, that people wouldn't
>want to use it.
I dont think that it was intended as a slight but rather a response to 
the general hands off approach [seemingly] surrounding extras. What Gene 
was getting at i think was that RetHat expressed its desire to drop the 
aforementioned packages becuase of space limitation on the distribution 
media not developer maintenance limitations. Perhaps i am 
misunderstanding both the nature of extras and the intent of the 
original author but this is the feeling i have from the outside as well. 
As a result i think he was looking for a safe place for RedHat to 
continue maintenance of these packages even if they arent distributed by 
default (for obvious reasons). Is it a misstatement that packages in 
extras are relinquished to community maintenance? or does redhat 
continue maintenance as well?

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