Exim as default MTA.

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net
Thu Feb 24 21:33:32 UTC 2005

Le jeudi 24 février 2005 à 12:54 -0800, Florin Andrei a écrit :
>On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 09:08 -0600, Chris Adams wrote:
>> The biggest question is still the upgrade issue; if sendmail is removed
>> from Core, what will happen on upgrades?  Users will be left with the
>> old version of sendmail running.
>As much as i hate saying it, probably dropping Sendmail is not a good
>move. After all, it still is the standard MTA in many places.

Really someone should have the courage to drive the stake in sendmail's
heart. Else it'll still rise from its coffin in ten years. Being not
entreprise-oriented FC is the place to do so.

We've made much more impacting changes in the past. The few people who
really need sendmail can install it from extras - but I doubt there will
be so many of them (entreprise people will replace the distribution
sendmail with the one bundled in their favorite proprietary enterprise
bundle anyway). Most users either don't care about advanced features and
will be happy with the default config shipped by FC (regardless of the
MTA) or will be perfectly able to master postfix or exim syntax.

Despite what people think MTA config is not the same in 2005 as it was
in the 1990s. After all with the level spam reaches nowadays any admin
worth this name should have spend some time learning how to plug new
filters in his system. This is usually much more difficult than adapting
to the simplicity of postfix/exim config.


Nicolas Mailhot
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