reducing distribution CD count

Michael Favia michael.favia at
Fri Feb 25 01:16:52 UTC 2005

Peter Jones wrote:

>Is there any reason either one couldn't be true?  That is, some packages
>which RH isn't interested in maintaining, but also some that we
>recognize are worth effort but shouldn't be part of Core?
I agree completely but i have formed the impression [perhaps mistakenly] 
that packages moved to extras are "orphaned" packages as far as RH is 
concerned. Or is that just the norm and not the "law"? I think you will 
allay a great many fears and improve the perception of extras if this is 
the case and it is communicated to the user/dev base a little better. In 
case i am completely mistaken is there a reference document that spells 
out the distinctions and flow of this type of information? I would much 
rather read up on it than learn bit by bit pestering people over mailing 

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