FC3 -> FC4 Upgrade? (was Re: reducing distribution CD count)

Paul A. Houle ph18 at cornell.edu
Fri Feb 25 21:40:05 UTC 2005

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 21:28:31 +0100, Michael Schwendt  
<fedora at wir-sind-cool.org> wrote:

> That's _the_ opportunity for such members to step forward and maintain  
> the
> packages in Fedora Extras, provided that the previous maintainer at Red
> Hat hasn't planned to do that.

	Yeah,  but if there is some software package I like,  I'm more inclined  
to install it from source rather than to screw around with rpms...  Be  
that finding a prebuilt one that's six months out of date or going through  
the extra bother to generate rpms.

	I've built rpms before,  but the question I'd have then is what would be  
expected of me if I ~were~ to maintain a package myself.  It's easy for me  
to test on AMD64 and (possibly) x86,  but I'm not going to be able to  
support a package for the Itanic.

>> No one has attempted to bzip2 packages that
>> might save space.
> I remember a long discussion about time/space tradeoffs. bzip2
> uncompression is a lot slower than gzip.

	On newer computers (>1 GhZ) I think that the installation time is more  
determined by the speed of the I/O system than the speed of the CPU.  bzip  
might actually help.

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