XFCE packages gone?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Feb 25 21:56:47 UTC 2005

>At one time with Red Hat Linux there was a companion CD called "Powertools" 
>which had some extra stuff useful to many but not part of the Red Hat Linux 
>core.  Then many (not all) Powertools packages were merged into the 
>distribution and the rest were dropped to be handled by others.
>Maybe we need to segment Fedora Extras into two parts.  There are lots and 
>lots of packages in Fedora Extras and to expect all of those to be thoroughly 
>tested with a new distribution is more that a bit optimistic.  Maybe if there 
>was a "Extras 1" which had the packages removed from core as well as some 
>others from the current Extras and then the rest of the current Extras 
>packages into "Extras 2", this could be made more managable.  
>"Extras 1" could be the 5th CD (or even 5th and 6th CDs) and not increase the 
>size of the Core distribution while providing a collection useful to many.
>"Extras 1" would have a real push to be tested with the Core and any problems 
>resolved but "Extras 2" would continue with the current process.

it probably makes sense to keep them all together and try to make it
work there. If things get screwed up then we can fall back to that
position - but setting up like you've described sounds more like a
proposition for failure.


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