Package pruning for FC4 and beyond

Eric Warnke eric at
Sat Feb 26 05:23:41 UTC 2005

I said it and now I'm doing it.

I have started making a once over of the packages looking for 
dead/obsolete/unecessary core packages in core-testing.  I have gone 
through .src.rpm's a*-e* and I have a breakdown of packages.  These 
packages appear to be things that can either move to extras or be dropped.

I am willing to pledge support for some of these packages if there is a 
call for their continued existance in extras, but not all.  I have a 
feeling that some will drop completly out from lack of support.

Lines with a '+' mean that they are a dependancy that is a logical 
remove as well.  I have a small reason for each removal from core listed 
next to each. 'D:0' = nothing depends on these packages.

Highly likley candidates

ElectricFence - Development only ( many similar ) D:0
SDL* - kdeaddons is the only thing that depends on this
+ kdeaddons - small add on packages for stock kde apps
*VFlib2 - only if we can break the ghostscript requireedby
+ MagicPoint - Duplicated functionality already in other packages
Xaw3d - required by emacs
+ emacs ( pick emacs or xemacs and move the other to extras )
a2ps - used by Xfprint ( XFce - already moved to extras )
awesfx - OLD Soundblaster awe 32 util ( 2000 ) D:0
bogl* - kernel 2.2 fb graphics lib D:0
cdecl - C/C++ to English conversion D:0
dasher - obscure alternate input method D:0 ! 10MB
dovecot - IMAP server ( duplication of effort )
epic - duplicate effort
lynx - duplicate effort ( elinks )

Possible candidates

Canna - Superceeded by IIMF - nothing depends ! 10MB
apel - extras for emacs
+ ddskk - extra input methods for emacs
+ film - message encoding emacs
+ wl - imap/pop/nntp reader for emacs
arptables_jf - specialized filtering of arp D:0
ccs - cluster config?
cdlabelgen - does anyone use? D:0
cscope - c code browser - duplicate effort D:0
doxygen - Sorce code documentation generator D:0
autorun - functionality in most desktops already d:0



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