Package pruning for FC4 and beyond

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at
Sat Feb 26 06:37:59 UTC 2005

On Feb 26, 2005, Eric Warnke <eric at> wrote:

> dovecot - IMAP server ( duplication of effort )

What's the other IMAP/POP server in Core that can export mailboxes in
the standard mbox format as delivered by the default MTA, and can do
preauth when started from the command line for fetchmail over ssh?

> epic - duplicate effort

Is there any other text-mode IRC client in Core?

> lynx - duplicate effort ( elinks )

This debate has already happened several times.  IIRC the end
conclusion is always that each of the text-mode browsers has strengths
and weaknesses that the others don't, to a point in which we really
shouldn't drop any of them.

> + film - message encoding emacs

I suppose you mean flim

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