kickstart NFS install freezing

Russell Coker russell at
Sat Feb 26 07:51:03 UTC 2005

I am doing some tests on a kickstart install of RHEL4 and discovered a problem 
with my NFS server, after a large amount of data being transferred it will 
lock up the ethernet interface and refuse to talk to the NFS client until the 
interface has been deconfigured with "ifconfig down" and then configured 

When this problem occurs it stops the install (as expected), but it also stops 
the mouse cursor from moving.  This seems to be a bug to me, the X server 
should not be accessing files on the NFS server (as far as I am aware) and 
therefore there is no good cause for the mouse cursor to stop.

Once the NFS server starts responding again the install proceeds and the mouse 
cursor responds.

Is this considered to be working as designed or is it a bug?

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