Package pruning for FC4 and beyond

Eric Warnke eric at
Sat Feb 26 13:38:51 UTC 2005

Round two of the first set of possibilities.  I have marked objections 
and removed a few from consiteration.  Any with objections that I have 
kept, I have expanded on my reasoning.  Once again these are suggestions 
to the community and I have no power to make the cuts myself, but once 
the discussion is complete I will forward the annotaded recommendationd 
up the food chain.

In responding, please comment if you want it kept in core or in extras 
and why.

Removed from consiteration
Xaw3d - required by emacs and emacs is being kept
bogl* - kernel 2.2 fb graphics lib d:0 ( should update dependancies here 
if it's required by the installer! )
epic/irssi?  epic is there and it's the only text mode irc client unless 
we want to swap it out for irssi

Ojections, but I still believe could be moved.

dovecot - IPAP server - 2 objections, but if you can server to the 
internet, you can download it from extras.  Ether this or cyrus should 
be cut.

ElectricFence - Development only nothing depends on it - 1 objection, 
but I still say it's usage does not justify it remaining in core - there 
is at least one competing package ( dmalloc, valgrind )

lynx/elinks - 1 objection about scripts using lynx... ether those 
scripts are not part of core or they are not marked correctly.  If you 
can surf the web with either, you can download them from extras.  If 
either has a dependancy in core the .src.rpm needs to be corrected.

doxygen - Sorce code documentation generator D:0 - 1 objecton - I don't 
think we necessarly need to keep every build dependancy in core.

Likley without objections
SDL* - kdeaddons is the only thing that depends on this
+ kdeaddons - small add on packages. not 100% necessary
Canna - Superceeded by IIMF - nothing depends ! 10MB
MAKEDEV - Superceeded by udev ?
*VFlib2 - Required by MajicPoint and ghostscript - only if we can break 
the ghostscript compatibility
+ MagicPoint - Duplicated functionality already in other packages
a2ps - text to postscript tool required by xfprint
awesfx - OLD ( 2000 ) D:0
cdecl - C/C++ to English conversion D:0
dasher - obscure alternate input method ! 10MB
apel - extras for emacs
+ ddskk - extra input methods for emacs
+ flim - message encoding emacs
+ wl - imap/pop/nntp reader
arptables_jf - specialized filtering of arp D:0
cscope - c code browser - duplicate effort D:0

Possible without objections
ccs - cluster config?
cdlabelgen - does anyone use? D:0
autorun - functionality in most desktops already d:0

More to follow....



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