Package pruning for FC4 and beyond - COMPLETE LIST

Miloslav Trmac mitr at
Sat Feb 26 17:42:06 UTC 2005

On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 12:24:18PM -0500, Eric Warnke wrote:
> Please positive feedback only.
<puzzled/> What does this mean?

> usermode/utempter - overlaps with sudo
I thought utempter does something completely different...

usermode-gtk provides the "type root password to run system-config-*"
in X; while it does "overlap" with sudo, it can't be _replaced_ by sudo.

> nut - nice package, but is it really core materal?
It is one of the basic utilities needed on a "serious" server of any

> dosfttools - looks like mtools superceeds this package.
The other way around - mounting is more useful than mcopy.
But _both_ are required for mkbootdisk.

> MAKEDEV - Superceeded by udev ?
Required by udev, actually.

> talk - protocol is getting old with IM
UNIX kernel interface is "getting old" too.

> planner - anther project managment tool
"Another"? What is the alternative?

> g-wrap - Another wrapper for a development utility d:0
Required by gnucash.

(The simplest way to test dependencies of a package against a rpmdb
is probably (rpm --dbpath ... -e --test $package). This takes into
account all the provides: in a package.)

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