Package pruning for FC4 and beyond - question

Eric Warnke eric at
Sat Feb 26 18:52:45 UTC 2005

Since this is the second time this has come up...

Is being part of RHEL reason enough to keep things in core?  If that is 
the case I will exclude from my list all packages that exist in RHEL. 
Personally I don't think that should be the goal here.

If you want RHEL compatibility then get a RHEL knockoff.


Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 12:24:18 -0500, Eric Warnke wrote:
>>Possible without objections
>>mc - Is this really a core util? would it be better served in extras?
> Considering that it was re-added to RHEL 4, yes.


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