kickstart NFS install freezing

Russell Coker russell at
Sat Feb 26 21:39:47 UTC 2005

On Sunday 27 February 2005 06:12, Eric Warnke <eric at> wrote:
> Russell Coker wrote:
> > I am doing some tests on a kickstart install of RHEL4 and discovered a
> > problem with my NFS server, after a large amount of data being
> > transferred it will lock up the ethernet interface and refuse to talk to
> > the NFS client until the interface has been deconfigured with "ifconfig
> > down" and then configured again.
> Have you investigated plain old hardware problems on the nfs client and
> server.  You should never have to re-config the interface to get it to
> start working again.

True, there are obviously some issues with the server, and I will be 
investigating them ASAP.  But in the mean time the client doesn't seem to be 
operating in the way I expect.

Alexandre has posted a message that might explain the problem, although I'm 
surprised that a machine with 256M of RAM would want to discard executable 
pages from the X binary on an install.

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