Package pruning for FC4 and beyond - question

Gene C. czar at
Sat Feb 26 23:34:37 UTC 2005

On Saturday 26 February 2005 15:40, Eric Warnke wrote:
> Is it that difficult for RH to maintain contol, but be copied to extras
> for building in Fedora Extras?  If this is not already a thread internal
> to RH it should be.  What is the real and expected deliniation between
> FC, FE, RHEL, and RH as a company and the maintainers and community at
> large?  I understand there are real business issues that forced the
> creation of FE, but now the continued push for more community involvment
> necessatated by package maintanince and thereby extending FE into FC's
> old territory... what's the deal?
When Red Hat stopped doing Red Hat Linux and started up Fedora Core, my 
interpretation of the objectives was that Fedora Core would be testbed for 
RHEL and that packages which are part of RHEL would (in almost all cases) 
would also be in Fedora Core.  However, there will likely be packages in 
Fedora Core which are not in RHEL. 

Now when there is some kind of transition with packages providing function 
(e.g., LPNG and cups), a package may be dropped from a current Fedora Core 
while still in the current RHEL ... this would be a "test" to see if the 
package could be dropped.  A current example might be keeping emacs while 
moving xemacs to Fedora Extras.  I assume that this is a test to see if the 
same can be done with RHEL (remove xemacs from the basic RHEL).

One question that occurs to me is whether there will be something like a RHEL 
Extras to add not-so-widely-used packages to the commercial RHEL 


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