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Sun Feb 27 10:11:16 UTC 2005

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Greetings and hello to all people of this list !
So, let's introduce myself...

1. My real name is Jocelyn Delalande

2. I live in France/Basse Normandie/Orne

3. I'm student in a high school

4. I don't want to reveal the name of my school to keep a kind of
anonymity... and it's not very usefull...

5. So, my goals
~ * I would like to package (or see published) some little packages of
utilities, programs, games... that   I use and that I love. For
example, I have almost finished a package of numlockx, an utility that
enable the numlock at X startup. Other softs (projects) mytoy,
gmailfs, scite...

* I think I'll not write QA because of my english level... But I can
make french translations of them, of course.

*Anything else special? Yes, please, be lenient with my english please
;-) but not hesitate to correct me if you see errors in packages,
*Anything else special?(bis) I hope I will help a little the fedora
project with my contributions and do a good work with
fedora-devel-list members ! :-)

* Almost nothing... just help on forums/ IRC on

* as the precedent... almost nothing ... just the bash (not fully) and
the basics of rpm conception.

*Why should we trust you? and why not ;-) ?

~ 7.and to finish, my gpg : (registred on

pub   1024D/E19277EE 2005-02-26
~    Empreinte de la clé = 0A74 3785 C9A5 9179 4338  F6D2 6178 56BA
E192 77EE
uid                  Jocelyn Delalande <flyingpenguin61 at>
sub   2048g/12660C61 2005-02-26

see you

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