Package pruning for FC4 and beyond

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Mon Feb 28 17:10:44 UTC 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:51:06 -0500 (EST), Elliot Lee <sopwith at> wrote:
> A while back I tried to work out the whole "text mode browser" confusion.
> There is also w3m in the mix. Each of them has unique attributes for
> particular users (blind users, CJK users, etc.) Someone such as yourself
> needs to find out all the details, pick the best one or two for the
> overall Fedora audience, and move the other(s) to Extras.

is there a reasonable good checklist of 'details' people are suppose
to be looking for? Its very easy to forget about CJK users or the like
if you personally never have to deal with the tech issues that raises.
 Last time i checked the closest thing we had was from the desktop

Is that enough of a guide for devilish details? accessibility and
internationalization are mentioned.. but they have buzzword qualities
that might not sink in. Does this need to be re-formulated or at the
very least re-packaged and presented somewhere more prominent?  It
would be nice to have a somewhat standardized set of checkbox items so
as each package came up we could weight the pros and cons of competing
details that need to be considered.

-jef"valkyrie needs food... badly"spaleta

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