reducing distribution CD count

Eric Warnke eric at
Mon Feb 28 23:06:51 UTC 2005

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> obsoleting does more than notify.. it will have an affect on the
> install package set. Thats not what is need at all. people need to be
> informed of expiration so they can make informed choices... not have
> removals of expired packages removed by obsoleting magic.  You only
> make matters worse by expanding the use of obsoleting to include this
> sort of situation... people will just learn to disable obsoleting to
> avoid applications evaporating from the system.

What about adding metadata to the repos that describe packages that have 
been abandond.  Then you could do a yum list abandond ( or the like ) to 
see what packages have become old/stale/abandond.

Though I just wonder how that would work if say core abandond a package, 
but freshrpms picked it up. Hmmm.....

Something to think about.



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