Proposed dovecot update changes

Warren Togami wtogami at
Sun Jan 16 05:16:40 UTC 2005


Any objections to my proposed changes?  I can implement all of this and 
supply patches for your review, or apply it myself to CVS if you wish. 
I summarize each problem and my proposed solution below.

1. Unnecessary dependency on mysql/postgresql
Prereq: postgresql
Prereq: mysql

These lines are wrong.  The package is fine without it, because RPM 
auto-dep pulls in the client library of mysql and postgresql rather than 
a larger unnecessary chunk of those databases.  These dependencies are 
resolved properly by yum and handled automatically.

Solution: Just remove those lines.

2. dovecot.conf should default to fcntl locking
Our default dovecot.conf changed from fcntl to dotlock sometime after 
the release of FC2.  That is one of the reasons why we see this above 
bug.  This problem must now be attacked on two fronts:

1) Our default dovecot.conf must be changed to use fcntl by default
again.  If someone uses a broken NFS where fcntl doesn't work, then it
is up them to edit their configuration to use dotlocks.  If users have
not modified dovecot.conf, then upgrading to the new package will set
fcntl default.

2) For exisiting users who have modified dovecot.conf, it would be
dangerous to force a change to fcntl during %post.  Then
"mail_extra_groups = mail" is the correct line to add durin

3. FC2 should not link to mysql/postgresql (???)

FC2 dovecot originally did not link to mysql and postgresql, so arguably 
we should not add those dependencies in an update.  Unfortunately our 
current FC2 update is linked in this way, so we would be breaking 
existing users if they did begin using this functionality in FC2.  I am 
guessing that the likelihood of this is very low and we should go ahead. 
  (However we could just as easily leave it as is, then it would only be 
a minor annoyance rather than a real problem.)

FC3 dovecot did link to mysql/postgresql libs, so we must not change 
that or split into sub-packages because then an update would break 
existing users.

FC4 we have the option of splitting mysql/postgresql into sub-packages, 
which is probably the correct thing to do based on the php precedent.


Warren Togami
wtogami at

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