RFC: Soname in rpm name

Féliciano Matias feliciano.matias at free.fr
Mon Jan 24 13:26:31 UTC 2005

Le lundi 24 janvier 2005 à 14:06 +0100, Aurelien Bompard a écrit :
> I did not know, is it possible to have a tool find the rpms that no rpms
> depend on, and ask to remove them ? For this task, Debian has something
> called deborphan (which might do more than that) and Mandrake has
> "urpm-find-leaves" IIRC. Maybe that could be a start.

Not perfect :
$ rpm -q -a | xargs -i bash -c "rpm -e --test {} > /dev/null 2>&1 &&
echo {}"

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