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Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Thu Jan 27 12:13:12 UTC 2005

Hi Arjan,

> > I just read about Red Hat ABE (Application Build Environment) which
> > seems to be something similar to mach.
> the goals are very similar to mach, but mach uses apt which made it not
> suitable as basis for the ABE

I have to bite here :)

Given that
a) mach has been used by some people over some time;
b) people working on mach have repeatedly tried to discuss with Red Hat
and said "hey, we'd like to work with you on a build system to be used
by all", as part of the "community" project that is Fedora; but no
attempts were made from Red Hat to unify forces;
c) nothing more was ever offered as negative feedback on mach than "it
uses apt" (a fact that is easily changeable, obviously);
d) you could easily have asked "hey, can't mach be made to not use apt,
but do (insert random feature you would like)"

why did the "NIH" syndrome that Red Hat sometimes displays wins out over
the desire to involve the community in the "community" project ?

I am behind Red Hat and Fedora 100% of the way, against the flames of
friends who really do not understand why this Fedora thing is all talk
and no action.  Things like this are just one of the many things
symptomatic of the fact that Red Hat seems to want us to believe there's
a community to be involved in, when in fact there is no such thing.

I realize that you probably don't care, and that you have a job to do,
and it's already hard enough as it is, and sometimes it's just easier to
Do Your Own Thing to Get The Job Done.  And this is very much not a
personal flame at you, just a flame at Red Hat in general.

To put it ghetto-style - when is RH going to stop talking the talk and
start walking the walk ?


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