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Re: kernel source code

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 12:48 +0000, not disclosed wrote:
> Just so you all know - yes I do need the whole source code to compile my 
> drivers - also I do know that <most> people won't need the kernel-sourcecode 
> and that the headers will suffice but this isn't the case here. <most> 
> people won't be compiling drivers anyway.  As for the convenience (it isn't 
> hard to put a link in.... etc) no it isn't but it is a time wasting pain in 
> the arse to find out where rpm puts all this rubbish - just because I use FC 
> doesn't mean I am endowed with special pyschic powers that mean I (end user) 
> automatically know what (you developer / packager) know and therefore it 
> isn't reasonable to assume that I know where to put the link - it takes time 
> to find this out and this is wasted time.

Please file a bug against the release notes if they fail to make it
clear where files are located.  It would be helpful if you can show the
incorrect information and what you think it should say.

- Karsten
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