FC4 state of affairs and FC5

Gilboa Davara gilboada at netvision.net.il
Tue Sep 13 09:42:02 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 12:02 -0400, Mark G. Adams wrote:
> Hi, Gilboa.
> On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 13:46 +0200, gilboa davara wrote:
> > As you said, the RPMs in updates-testing doesnt solve the problem. (my
> > Palm T3 starts syncing and quiets immediately. though at least gpilot
> > stopped cashing... which is something, I guess...)
> I've not looked at the RPMs in updates-testing, so I don't know whether
> or not they incorporate the necessary fixes.
> > I cannot use your RPMs (Cheers for making them, though) as their
> > versions collide with the updates and update-testing versions. (Can
> > you bump the version numbers?)
> I can look into that later in the week; my main machine's in getting an
> unhappy motherboard replaced. However, the real solution is to get these
> fixes (or equivalent ones if I missed something) incorporated and
> released.
> (checking what's in updates-testing...)
> Well, at first glance the updated pilot-link RPM seems to contain my
> fixes (as they've been incorporated upstream). The updated gnome-pilot
> RPM seems to incorporated all my patches. In theory they should fix the
> problem.
> When I get my main machine back later this week I'll give them a try.
> Note that if you're trying to use anything from the gnome-pilot-conduits
> package (such as the 'backup' conduit), that also needs some fixes (also
> attached to the earlier-mentioned bug report).

I trying to use the usual.
Address book and Calender.
The weird thing is that the Pilot starts syncing and within a second,
the sync stops. No error on the Palm side, no error/crash on the the
gpilot side.
If you want I can try and strace it; maybe it'll help you?

> //Mark

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