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Fedora Art Team Now Open

Eric S. Raymond wrote:
First, a relatively minor issue that is nevertheless quite annoying. It's the Fedora distribution art, the images in Anaconda and the Fedora-customized graphics in the admin tools and elsewhere. It has never been much better than mediocre, and in FC5 it hits a new low with backgrounds that look like a Teletubby hocked loogies into a dish full of soap scum. And whose bright idea, I have to wonder, was it to abandon the attractive and recognizable Fedora icon for something that's...not a fedora?

Cripes. By comparison, even the original BlueCurve was superior. And original BlueCurve wasn't much to cheer about compared to the decorative art on a Windows or (especially) a Mac -- acceptable, but not a competitive plus, not something that would actually attract users. The FedoraBubbles stuff is bland and tacky goo that I expect will repel them.

It didn't become terrible, but I personally believe that the artwork in
FC5 was a small step backwards. I think maybe we could improve this situation in the future by treating artwork as a community project with feedback and (maybe) voting, rather than impose it on the community. Perhaps the FC6 desktop background could be made into an art contest with judging and prizes.

fedora-art-list is now open, where hobbyists and professionals can
work together in order to create some kind of organization around Fedora Artwork. There are already several goals in place like writing down specifications and the color palette of the Bluecurve theme and creating a process to contribute art.

Join the team, figure out what the goals are and who is interested to work on them, and we can have a community meeting on IRC sometime soon to form some kind of organization.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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