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Fedora Bounties (seeking ideas)

Last year, after Fedora applied to participate in Google's Summer of Code 
2005, we created the FedoraBounties page on the wiki:


This page features specific ideas for new projects that the Fedora Project 
would like to see completed.  Several of these ideas were selected by 
students for the Summer of Code event.

Now, Google has just announced the Summer of Code 2006.  Although the Fedora 
Project has not yet applied to participate this year, I suspect we are likely 
to do so.  However, our Fedora Bounties list is now quite short.  We need 
fresh ideas.  If there are any projects that you would like to see, please 
add them to the FedoraBounties page.  These can include ideas that you may 
have had but don't have time to work on, problems that you have encountered 
that need attention, or tools you really wish we had.

Assuming we do participate in this year's event, we can expect several of the 
project ideas to be selected again, so this is an excellent opportunity to 
suggest long-missed projects.  Students will be able to apply for this year's 
event after May 1st, so there isn't much time to get your ideas listed.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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